How to Build A Sauna

It really couldn’t be easier to assemble an Aspen Infrared sauna, every sauna we make is easily assembled with just the barest minimum of DIY skills needed and of course they all come with a fully illustrated set of instructions and user manual.


To get an idea of just how easy it is take a look at our slide show below.

Step 1: Place sauna floor near its final position.


Step 2: place the rear wall onto the base and hold in position.


Step 3: Insert tongue on side wall into groove on rear panel.


Step 4: Lock ther latch clips on the side wall.


Step 5: Place the bench support and heater between the guides in the side wall.


Step 6: Place the bench seat into position.


Step 7: Lock the other side wall into position using the latch clips.


Step 8: Attach the front wall into position using the latch clips.


Step 9: Lower the top into position feeding the cables through the holes.


Step 10: Plug in all the electrical connectors.